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AppLock is a simple, free, and useful tool that allows you to lock individual apps on your Android phone. While the application can be used to lock specific apps, you can still leave others unlocked.

The program allows you to set up any type of password (e.g. numeric password) for added security. In a short time, this software has become one of the most popular options for app locking with a size of 19.2 MB.

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This Android Applock has a simpler interface than Vault, Privacy Knight, and some other lock apps. You don't have to worry about the AppLock consuming system resources because it comes in a small installation package.

The main screen displays all of your smartphone's apps, which may be quickly locked via a toggle slider. In addition, AppLock allows you to restrict access to other functions, including settings, calls, and the Google Play Store.

Features of Applock

Applock consists of lots of features that are not available in the other hiding facilitated apps.

  1. Lock device's OS and third-party applications
  2. AppLock can lock your device's OS as well as third-party applications. In other words, in addition to locking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the program also lets you restrict access to incoming calls, text messages, settings, and other features. You may use AppLock to prevent others from removing or installing apps on your device.

  3. Random keyboard
  4. This software has some extra capabilities to help you lock apps successfully. For example, you can make a 'cover,' which is a fictitious interface that gives the idea that a particular app has ceased running. It can also request identification technologies at random such as the random keyboard while blocking access to anyone attempting to use your phone.

  5. Fingerprint Lock
  6. It is more convenient and quicker to operate. We assume that the hardware on your phone enables fingerprint unlocking.

    To confuse the intruder, utilize a scanner for fingerprints or a force closed message on locked apps.

  7. Widget
  8. The software includes a fantastic Android widget that allows you to turn off all of the programs you've locked with just a few touches. All you have to do now is input the pattern lock or password that you set for the app.

  9. Power saving mode
  10. Applock also has the power saving mode but you need to allow Accessibility service if you want to enable it.

  11. Stores videos and photos
  12. This Android app lock not only locks your apps but also stores your videos and photos in a password-protected vault. Everything is kept hidden from prying eyes in this manner. It's worth noting that several features, like the AppLock symbol, are only available in the software's premium edition.

  13. Quick-lock switch
  14. A quick lock switch is also available, allowing you to lock things using the notification bar. Additionally, it allows a brief exit without the inclusion of a password.

    Additionally, to prevent misuse of the app, you can change its system settings and it should be noted that Applock free version is available for everyone.

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Is AppLock an effective Android application?

This app lock program is straightforward to use when compared to other Android applock solutions. You may lock or unlock apps with a simple press on the main screen. Because it's a lightweight tool that works on a variety of devices, you won't suffer any lags or crashes when using it.

The application sends a code to your registered email address if you forget your pattern lock or password. This can be difficult at times, as you may not obtain the code on your first few attempts. The wait in receiving the code, on the other hand, is a small flaw that shouldn't dissuade people from using this program. After all, app security isn't something to take lightly.

About Applock Pro

Applock Pro is the advanced version of the Applock.

Applock Pro APK features

applock pro apk features

Applock Pro APK consists of more included features than the normal version.

  1. Ensure security of mobile data
  2. AppLock Pro is by far the most effective data-protection tool available on the internet. You can choose to lock your apps, files, movies, and other items using a fingerprint, password, pattern lock, or knock code. Its functionality and number of options set it apart from other Android app lockers. You can even get the most out of it by combining it with other similar apps to improve the overall functionality of AppLock Android APK.

  3. Customize the App accordingly
  4. This program allows users to change the theme as well as specific functions of AppLock Pro at no cost, based on their preferences and convenience. It's a nice feature that allows users to express themselves within the app's confines. You may also alter the AppLock Pro app's icon that appears in your app drawer or on your home screen. This will make it appear less like an app locker, making it less suspect to those who have access to your phone. And it'll be easy to keep it visible because no one will notice.

  5. Hide pictures and videos
  6. The majority of users use AppLock Pro because of this functionality. This program can hide photos and videos in addition to the installed apps and data. This app is really useful when you want to keep private material or content hidden from anyone who comes into contact with your phone. Also, if someone tries to access the AppLock Pro app, it will warn you so that you are aware of the situation and may take steps to prevent it from happening. Furthermore, if the wrong password is entered five times, the spy alarm feature will activate, ringing loudly.

  7. Applock icon
  8. The hide Applock icon feature is available in the premium version so that no one would be able to notice that you are hiding mobile data.

  9. Advanced Protection
  10. AppLock Pro is, of course, entirely free for people all around the world. You can get the APK file from other places on the internet, but we recommend that you check them out first because they could be false and infect your smartphone or tablet with viruses or malware.

As additional features,

users can take advantage of the app's numerous capabilities, such as pattern, password, and fingerprint, to keep the contents they choose to hide safely.

Further, if you choose, you can set a timer in the app to make AppLock inactive for a specific amount of time. If you purchase the premium version of this program, you will gain access to additional advanced capabilities as well as enhanced security. However, the free version is just as amazing, so don't worry if you can't afford it.

Download App Lock!

AppLock Download is an amazing choice if you want to add more protection to your iPhone. You can secure private, personal, and sensitive data on your smartphone with this Android app lock. You can also use the program to prevent your friends, family, and coworkers from accessing your images or posting inappropriate things on your social network accounts. The simple program is dependable, effective, and completely free.

Accordingly, AppLock is memory-efficient and offers a power-saving option to save battery usage. Given all of AppLock's security features, it's a wonderful solution to use if you need to safeguard your programs, files, or mobile data from unauthorized access.

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