In more than 50 countries, Applock MOD APK is the most popular application lock. Applock can lock Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any other app on your device. Prevent unauthorized access via this application. Applock MOD APK has the ability to conceal photographs and videos. Hidden photos and films are no longer displayed in the Gallery. A random keyboard and invisible pattern lock are included in the Applock MOD APK.

Hide pictures and videos from the app gallery to make them completely disappear.

What does it do?

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Hide pictures and videos from your gallery in AppLock MOD so that others can't see them. Also, for added protection, enable the random keyboard.

Enable private SNS on app lock to ensure that all of your messages are only available to you.

You may even hide the AppLock icon to prevent others from accessing it. Unlock the handy app widget to work on a variety of in-app features while remaining on the home screen.


Those of you who are interested can now work with the fantastic AppLock program on the Google Play store without having to pay anything.

Awesome features | Premium features

The following are all of the app lock MOD APK intriguing premium features:

  1. Many different locking mechanisms
  2. As a result, Android users using AppLock mod APK can experiment with a variety of locking schemes, making it much easier to set up their devices. You may lock apps using a password or pattern, or a fingerprint lock.

  3. Smart lock options to enjoy
  4. For those who are interested, you can work with AppLock smart lock settings, which will allow Android customers to get the most out of the app by allowing them to tailor the in-app experiences to their liking. Simply configure the auto-lock and unlock times in AppLock according to the amount of time spent.

    AppLock also has a temporary leave feature to ensure that you are not harassed by the auto-lock alternatives.

  5. Applock can hide photo and video
  6. AppLock customers can use the built-in photo/video Vault to protect their essential pictures and videos, which will immediately hide the pictures and videos from any available gallery. As a result, it might be considered an app protector. As a result, you can only access this material using the correct AppLock credentials. It reminds me of a video vault. To keep photos and videos concealed in AppLock, you can choose any image or movie. Download the most latest version!

  7. Comfortably work with the built-in Internet browser
  8. Android users can also use the built-in Internet browser in AppLock, which provides various private choices for you to work with. Feel free to use the incognito browser, which keeps no traces of your browsing history or private data.

  9. Private SNS on multiple accounts
  10. AppLock also has a private SNS. Simply enable the option via app lock premium unlock, and you'll be able to log in to multiple accounts with ease.

  11. Take images of any intruders
  12. If you're concerned about someone prying into your devices, it's always a good idea to enable the Intruder Selfie option in AppLock premium unlock.

  13. Create and adjust different locked app groups
  14. AppLock also enables several locked app groups to deal with the many Android profiles, in which specific apps and games are picked according to your preferences. Feel free to experiment with the various choices as you try to match the app lock to the appropriate profiles.

  15. Hide AppLock icon for complete protection
  16. You may also hide AppLock icon from your system to ensure that others are unaware of the app lock and its existence. This will provide comprehensive protection. AppLock now includes Advanced Protection, which prevents your system from deleting tasks or uninstalling the app lock. Additionally, the various lock system settings will keep children from tampering with your gadgets.

  17. Useful lock switch to access
  18. If you're curious, you can experiment with the AppLock switch, which makes it easy to secure your app using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other synchronization methods. You may also lock and unlock the app lock using the controls on the notification bar.

  19. Boost your Android system
  20. In addition, if your Android device's battery is running low, the AppLock Power Saving option can help you by enabling its Power Saving mode. AppLock will only run at the bare minimum as a result of this. As a result, it will use minimal system memory (low memory usage) and ensure that you can work on the in-app lock features with ease.

  21. Enjoy the fully unlocked application on our website (Premium unlock)
  22. Last but not least, for those of you who are interested, you can now use the fully unlocked AppLock application on our website. We provide you with all of the Premium unlock features and ad-free experiences that you can enjoy without having to pay anything. Simply Download the AppLock Mod APK and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Download AppLock MOD APK

The advantages of using Applock

  • Do your parents check your Snapchat? Never worry about it now!
  • Do your friends take your phone just to play games with your mobile data again? Never worry because now you have the Applock MOD!
  • Never worry about a colleague using your phone to view the gallery!
  • Never worry again about someone viewing your private data in your app!
  • Never worry about your children messing up your settings, sending inappropriate messages, or playing games!
  • So keep in mind that if you forget your password, you'll need to remember your security answer or you'll be unable to access your account.


applock mod apk features
  1. Click on “Open AppLock” when you find it. Locate "Open AppLock" and drag it to the main screen, then dial with the dial pad. How to Use the Dial Pad: In your dial pad, dial * # * # 12345 # * # *.
  2. You can also use a browser to access it: In your browser, go to or
  3. Do you believe that if someone deleted the Applock application, the security wall would be easily removed? But don't worry, you can disable Applock to prevent the impacts you want to remove. If you enable the advanced “Protection” feature in “Applock Protection,” no one will be able to delete or disable AppLock without a password. When you're not using advanced protection, you can turn it off if needed.
  4. You only need to update the latest version using mobile data and then click on the “forgot password”.

Summary of App lock premium Features

App lock security can be achieved by the use of a password, pattern, or fingerprint lock. Lock apps with password!

  • Vault: Hide pictures and videos by using locks like the fingerprint lock.
  • Take images of someone attempting to log into your phone with Intruder Selfie.
  • Time lock: Lock/unlock automatically over time.
  • Location lock: Lock/unlock automatically by location.
  • Hide applock icon
  • Advanced protection: Prevents the deletion of AppLock as well as the availability of the pattern lock/password pattern.
  • Peeking into pin codes is prevented by using a random keyboard.
  • Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, synchronization)
  • AppLock widget: Toggle Applock on and off with a single touch.
  • Quick-lock switch: Lock/unlock in the notification bar.
  • Lock incoming calls are allowed in APK MOD.
  • Lock system settings to prevent children’s misuse of your phone or watching gallery again (never worry!). Allow a brief escape.
  • The availability of Low memory usage power saving.
  • Lock Facebook Whatsapp gallery/ Facebook Whatsapp gallery messenger.
  • With so many features, AppLock will be very reliable.

You can also reset password(Click reset password). You may be provided with a security email, and that security email may include a question that needs a security answer, choose prevent unauthorized access so that you can click reset password or reopen the app.

Final judgments

When considering the features, AppLock will supply its complete protection tools for all of you who are searching to protect your Android apps and data with its simple and accessible features. Download applock mod latest version!

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