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ES File Explorer or File manager tool is a great option for device file management and programs. The application comes with a collection of functional tools such as killing running applications, FTP client, and direct support for cloud drive storage through Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive. Finally, users get the ability to use this File Manager app for both mobile and PC devices, and here you can use the File manager apk link to direct download the tool or you can use this website to get the link.

What is this ES file explorer?

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File manager is the best way to manage files on your android devices. Using this program now you can easily managing files, easily access anything on your mobile, share them and there are many more facilities. Using this File explorer now it is easy to upload photos, Managing a 3G connection, watch movies and there are many more benefits included.

More about File manager

While working with files, you have accustomed to following up on classic operations such as cut, copy, paste, create new, delete, rename and there are many more functions. Via email, you can easily send files to others without any difficulty.

While sending files, you can decompress files using ZIP or RAR file formats. Getting access to several contents on various file types of documents, and users get the opportunity to access the contents of your computer over a WiFi network.

ES File Explorer is a built-in app manager for android users as it helps all those functions to work effectively just within a fingertip.

Download file manager

If you are looking to download manager or file manager for your android, then you have to use the file manager app in apk format. This is the android supported file format when you have to use it while downloading the application from the internet. But if you download the application from our website or Google Play store it will be easy to download the app with just a simple tap.

Here it supports some older versions of Android as well as the latest releases.

Manage and access

There are several file managers available in the public. Among them, you have to select the most flexible, efficient application manager for your android operating system. The file explorer that you use should support older versions as well as the recent android versions. So I recommended ES File explorer as the best option among other file managers.

ES File Explorer is known as a free file/ application manager. So after installing this, you can easily create new folders, edit, rename, or any such process on your smartphone without connecting it to a PC.

Manage your files

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Android users get the benefit of direct file accessing permission via your computer. You can connect your device to the PC via a USB cable. But now with ES file explorer, you can access them without connecting to a PC.

Download File Manager APK

Features of file manager

In the ES file explorer, there are main features included. The download manager and task killer enrich the application manager's performance. Not only these features, but the tool also supports cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and G-Drive in advance. So now you can directly download a file to a folder without using another separate application.

  • ZIP and RAR
  • The file explorer supports creating ZIP and RAR files. Therefore without unpacking them on PC, now you can easily get access to those compressed files. To ensure security, you can easily encrypt ZIP files using AES 256 bit encryption.

    Using a USB cable, you can use the ES file explorer to natively access the G-drive, no need to root the OS.

  • Simple, user friendly, and effective
  • To be more comfortable, File explorer is a wonderful solution for android users. It can use to manage folders, download content, without connecting to a PC. With a stable WiFi connection, you can easily access and, manage them via your cloud storage. If you are looking to download a massive file, You should be concerned about app crashes. ES File Explorer is a wonderful solution here and here you can use the application manager and the task killer tool for many useful purposes.

  • A must install
  • It is better to install a File manager for your smart Android devices. So you can try ES File Explorer as the best file manager among plenty of apps. As an Android user, you have to be more concerned about managing files without using a PC. So this ES application manager will be a wonderful opportunity for you.

PROS of the ES file explorer

There are several benefits included in ES file explorer. Basically,

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  1. Massive collection of options
  2. Device organized internally
  3. Deep customization methods are very few of them

Technical file information - ES file Explorer

App Name: ES file Explorer
Package name:
Version: (10128)
App File size: 35.2 MB
Supported Android device versions: July 14, 2021

What's new in this version of ES File Explorer?

  1. OTG device compatibility for NTFS
  2. Improvements
  3. Add Mediafire ( cloud)
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Folder encryption
  6. Improve performances of SMB

Download and install file manager

No need to try other files, apk files as now you can download ES file explorer from this website without any messing.

Download File Manager APK Free

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