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What is File Manager?

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The file management app for that allows you to work with all files on your Android device in a same manner is the File Manager APK. Through the File manager, users cam managing applications in similar manner that how it works on a computer with supporting features as copying, pasting, delete and cropping.

Further, the program allows any Android user to managing all file easily by being able to access any file on their mobile device and then share it if they want to do so. Featuring as photos uploading, movie watching, managing 3G connection are easier with File Manager Apk.

Mains about File Manager

File Manager can supports with remote systems either. It goes easy with FTP, FTTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV formats. Through these protocols, you can play directly without even download a single thing.

The File Manager programs work corporately with files like cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, One Drive or Sugar Sync. Users can set up their accounts on these service apps and can start working with your file on the app.

Ability to move APK files from applications and miniature preview of your photographs while working on them are some of the main interesting features of the File Manager.

The Manager is a simple app that has every feature that should have in that kind of application. More, it offers a simple and easy interface for optimized tables to continue in easily manage the app handling.

Manage and Access files

Users can manage and access files through the same app without a use of computers through the Manager.

  • Manage Files
  • The most interesting and great feature about Android is that it can access folders on your device from a computer via a ISB cable directly. As sometimes it needs to approach files that are away from computer, it can do through the File Manager.

    File Managers usually works as app manager, download manager and a task killer. Users can download the files that they want directly to service accounts without using a separate app.

    The File manager supports both the ZIP and RAR files. Compressed file can approach without unpacking them to your Android.

  • Simple and Easy
  • The File Manager makes managing folders and downloaded content on your Android storage easily than connecting to a computer.

    With a stable internet connection, users can way in and managing files through the cloud storage and DropBox, Google Drive account easily.

  • Data Transfer
  • High speed data transfer is offering by the File Manager. It enables the sharing of files and apps through the application in high speed.

    File transfers can done as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDav and LAN/SMB, stream media from LAN/SMB/FTP/WebDav/Cloud without downloading.

  • Large and Unnecessary Files
  • File Manager categorize the files into the sizes by referring through category, and the large files are shown at the top. The users can get free from large chunky files via using the File Manager.

  • Used APK Files
  • If you are interesting in downloading APK files, the feature will support you. Used file will clear the clutter that caused by install and unused APK downloads.

  • Installed Apps
  • Installed apps on your Android phone or other device will show as they are already in it. It will further shows the frequently used apps and that should use.

  • Must Install
  • You should use a File manager on the Android phone or tablet and the ES File Explorer is the best among file explorer.

    These features might give a smooth space to handle all facilities related with the program.

ES File Explorer

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ES File Explorer is a File Manager that can access and create folders on your Android device without connecting to a computer.

Besides, the Explorer program has a smooth user interface that always stands out for option to integrate your accounts on Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or other accounts.

Through the ES File Explorer, the users can have a continual access to the files they need. A single tool that offers a universal approach to all files is the ES File Explorer.

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Latest Version of File Explorer

Without having older versions get license free File Explorer on your device.

License: Free
Latest Update: June 2021
Platform: Android
Operating System: Android 7+
Language: English
Developer: EStrongs Inc.
Download: APK, Google Play

Manage Documents

File Explorer application can simply use in managing files. According to the device memory, the location of the file are getting differentiated. The program is able to store documents and allow in backup in cloud account or Google account any case of inconvenience to keep them safe.

Download and Install File Explorer

You have to know about how to use the Manager. Apk file is the raw file of an Android app on your mobile or tablet.

You can know about downloads and installation of File Explorer here.

  1. Download the File Explorer to your phone.
  2. Allow third party appa to your device. Menu ->Settings ->Security -> Unknown Sources.
  3. Go to downloaded File manager.
  4. Tap to install.
  5. Tap "Yes" to all prompted dialogue boxes.
  6. Enjoy

The use of File Explorer in handling Apks is generally safe. Use of anonymous tools might cause damages, and the data of applications will get leaked or damaged due to those. Use File manager in managing files inside the Android devices.

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