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File Manager Pro APK is a specialized app that is built for people who are looking for modern File Manager applications. This app is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and Android TV.

File Manager Pro APK is more than just a File manager application because it offers a Process Manager, as well as a Backup Manager that comes as a bonus. This special application can manage almost every nook and corner of your device at the current state, and is also capable of backing up the apps that you love.

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The File Manager Pro APK is available for both rooted and unrooted devices. That means, it is not essential to root your Android device in order to install the File Manager app.

If you are using a rooted Android device, you can manage the whole Android file system, including the restricted and protected system files by using this File Manager Pro APK application. It helps you to organize and manage files such as music, pictures, documents, videos, audios, etc. on your smartphone, phablet, or tablet.

A Well-Known Product for Its Functionality

File Manager Pro APK is a handy app that lets you manage all types of files stored on your smart device or Android TV. It also allows you to manage them in the cloud, giving you greater security. With this powerful app, you get various tools for better device management like access from a PC to view your files, download files, manage files with video or audio format, etc.

This File Manager + app offers you a simple and free chance for all of your files which are stored on the device and on the memory, offering you many other actions. So if you are searching for a File manager tool that is easy to download and use, the File Manager Pro APK is the best fit for you because it guarantees easy to execute and specific functions with over ten million downloads overall.

Easy to Use and Manage Documents

File Manager Pro APK has got a user friendly interface that is easy to use. You can find all the files on your device that are placed in folders after downloading and accessing it. The storage can be altered to device space and memory space. Therefore, you must access one option from them to see more.

File Manager Pro app lets you share, move, delete, search, and unzip files easily by letting you ignore those files you do not need and offering you a view of all of them. We must highlight that with this File manager Pro APK finally, that you will get the chance to store your documents in the cloud storage, letting you to take a backup of them if in need to keep them safe.

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Better Understanding with Simple Graphics

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This powerful file managing application varies from other file manager applications thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface. You get different tools that you can easily and quickly use with just one selection on the screen. This way, you will not waste your precious time searching for actions or downloading supportive applications that would appear to view all the files that you store on your device. You can also make use of this File Manager Pro APK app on any mobile device.

The simplicity of this app is what has made the main option for this app to become this much popular among users who are looking for an alternative or better file management tool for their documents and effective and easy management tool for the documents in the cloud. So don’t hesitate to download File Manager Pro APK on your smart device.

Set Lock, Password, and Security

One of the best highlights of this app is simple file manager security, which helps you to set passwords to devices, apps, and folders. You can add different layers of passwords to one unit such as PIN, drawing, fingerprint, etc. Indeed, if a stranger tries to access it, the File Manager Pro APK will freeze and disable it automatically until the user activates it again. This feature in this special app will assist everything to become more secure, making sure that all information of users is always 100% safely kept.

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