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If you are a professional and you are usually dealing with large number of files, and you might face troubles while compressing and decompressing files. But, now it can do easily by recovering the files you want on another system. As their might be loss of data and files, you can now encrypt all details in a safe place.

Although many archive apps are there to use in your computer, there is no app that can perform many tasks at once. File might archive, compress, decompress, recover or protect can now do through a fantastic app. It calls the ZArchiver Apk for PC. To complete all tasks in one place with password-protected archives edit and recovery, the app will help you. Oneof the best file management app is Zarchiver Application.

Zarchiver Application

Although there are many file extraction solution apps on web, all of them are usually unable to provide a comprehensive solution. Zarchiver is a program that extreme file archive manager and extractor for PC laptop, PC Windows and Mac, Android and iOS.

Zarchiver app can extract, archive or create all files that are in use. If the application is use on Android platforms, it might help in compressing, decompressing, and removing all compressed formats. A tool that can create compressed zip files in every file format is the Zarchiver.

The extraction and the decompression done powerfully by the Zarchiver app. Creating compressed archives is a unique feature for Zarchive. Other tasks functions like supporting password protected files and decompression open compressed files on Android devices that was archived and compressed on PC through a password are can facilitated either. Although, you can partially decompress the relevant file through ZArchiver Pro Apk.

Features of Zarchiver

The file management app, Zarchiver is under these features.

  • Zarchiver is a useful in multi purposing for multi processors and it supports multi threading. It works as the expanded support of Android in compressing and decompressing files mainly.
  • Other than multi select mode, you can solve the complexity by clicking file name icons to select the wanted files in file selection.
  • Default options are available as copy, cut, share and delete.
  • Zarchiver application supports UTF-8 and UTF-6. Use of national symbol as name data are allowed here.
  • All Android devices are allowed to download and use the Zarchiver.
  • Setting up a password for files can do for safety and encryption. For privacy protection, the application supports all encrypting methods as AES-256, etc.
  • The compression options as fast, fastest, medium and ultra are having in it.
  • Encryption options can be selected by the user according to their choice.
  • You can do file compression, decompression. And handling the files to automatically move it from one to another can operated on this.
  • Without misplacing files, it keeps the files securely. The data and the information on the app will securely keeps by it.
  • The user can archive files in parts and in many formats.
  • If you are willing to root the device, the root features of ZArchiver Apk will help you as a benefit.
  • Creation of unlimited archives it a beneficial feature.

Zarchiver Support Types

Following archives and compression types can use by Zarchiver users

Contents 7z 7zip zip, tar, xz, gzip

These archives might be decompressed and extracted

Following archive types 7z, 7zip, zip, bzip2, bz2, gzip, gz, xz, tar, rare, rar5, rara, iso, cab, lha, lzma, lzh, jar, tbz, tgz, Z, rpm, deb, mtz, zipx, chm, cpio, dmg, img(fat, NTFS, but), cramfs, ECM, wim, arc(freearc) can decompressed and extracted through the app.

Following file types can edit and remove

Archive zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz create, edit or remove

Users can decompress and compress password protected files


  • Partial archive decompression is possible with Zarchiver Pro.
  • Can open decompressed files.
  • The app can use in opening archives in mails.
  • Split apk zstd support. Can extract files types 7z, 7zip, zip, rar.
  • Decompress password protected archives.
  • Open compressed files.
  • Multi part archives can created or compressed and decompressed or delete. Archive types 7z, 7zip, rar as 7z 001 part1 rar z01.
  • Possible direct opening without temporary folder when exiting.

Advantages of Zarchiver Apk File

zarchiver apk for pc

This application gives advantages and pros to its user. Zarchiver is a program for archive management. You can continue in compress and read of any file format as following archive types 7z, zip and other files. And, creation of archive types tar, zx, gzip file formats can do.

Zarchiver file created as a program for archive management and its in built file managing system helps in fulfilling all tasks. Extraction of multi part archives, and edit archived files can do further.

The Zarchiver application is available for archives 7z rar decompress mainly and RAR file formats.

Compress Files through Zarchiver

The app will work as below in your device after it get already installed after download Zarchiver. Open the app according to the system instructions.


  1. Choose the needed zip file and click on it.
  2. Option box will appear on the screen and select required one.
  3. Perform the task related to it and compress your file.

Download Zarchiver for PC

Most of the applications are developed these days for mobile platforms. But, Android emulator allow to use mobile applications in Windows PC.

Although the official Zarchiver application is not available for Windows PC, the users can still use it with the help of Android Emulator.

If you are search for Zarchiver for PC, you can do have it in PC through different methods. Download and install Zarchiver on PC in these methods.

Install Zarchiver on PC using BlueStacks

These steps will show you the exact way to install Zarchiver using BlueStack emulator.

  1. Download BlueStack Android emulator to the PC.
  2. Install BlueStack. The installation procedure is simple. Do as instructions shows in the system.
  3. Look for Zarchiver, and click on install.
  4. While installing, install it through BlueStack.
  5. The shortcut will app on desktop.

You can enjoy it now.

Download ZArchiver APK for PC

Install Zarchiver on PC using NoxPlayer

zarchiver pc apk installing

You can get the application and install Zarchiver on Windows using NoxPlayer as below.

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer into the PC.
  2. After the NoxPlayer installed, search for Zarchiver.
  3. Install the Zrchiver through NoxPlayer.
  4. Once the download finished, you can open Zarchiver through the icon on the desktop.

Install Zarchiver on Android device

You have two major options to install application in Android devices. You can simply download and install Zarchiver through Google Play Store. It is the easy way to have Zarchiver.

You can download the Zarchiver Apk file on to your Android device. Note that the Apk file cannot get through the Play Store. To continue in having Android Apk file, follow these steps.

  1. First, enable the unknown applications. Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.
  2. Download Zarchiver Apk file and install it.
  3. Go to file manager and sd card and click on your downloads.
  4. Start installation by selecting install button.
  5. Installed message will inform the installation process.
  6. You can enjoy the Zarchiver now.

Zarchiver for iOS

The iOS users can use the Zarchiver in Apple devices if you install it correctly. The application runs smooth on iDevices as it is not like others.

The exclusive luanched Zarchiver for iOS is there to compress and decompress your files. The Zarchiver can separately get on iPhone version and iPad version.

If the astride is installed on iOS device, all users can have the ZArchiver Apk. The lite version or the official one can have as the user wants it. Download Zarchiver Apk on to your device, and install through the same guidelines.

Zarchiver for Chromecast

You might get the application and install it on chromecast. You can install the chromecast directly on chromecast. After that,

Enable unknown sources by Security -> Options->Unknown Sources and download the apk file. This method will allow you to use Zarchiver on Chromecast.

Why Download Zarchiver for PC?

download zarchiver apk pc

The convenient archiver with elementary interface and of complex functions to use in compressing is Zarchiver. You can download Zarchiver to use in extract necessary files, create new files and necessary archive. All you need to download Zarchiver to PC and use the understandable work. The program can use in both forms tablet and phone in a view of large interface.

Technical Details

App Name: Zarchiver
Android version: Android 4+
Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS
Category: Tools
Developed by: ZDevs

The Zarchiver for Windows, PC, Laptop, BlueStack, Android emulator as well as in other devices like Mac, Blackberry, Android and Kindle. The free tool app developed by ZDevs. The app is an expanded support of Android with a functional and simple interface.

The users do not need to pay for having this application. It is free to download, install and use. The user can have benefits from the included features for free. If you are a professional in the market, you can earn through the app. By compressing files, you might have opportunity to earn through the application.

If you want to use a zip extractor in your PC, you can have this application as the best option. The best filing management to do multi purpose is it. Compression, formatting, and archiving are fundamentals on the ZArchiver Apk. To have a functional and speedy extraction that can open and exit without using a temporary folder when exiting, use Zarchiver application.

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