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To manage your files and media effectively, it is essential to have a file manager app. However, if you often work with archive files, then you will not meet many file manager tools that support that feature. That is the reason why the famous ZArchiver Pro APK came out for public use.

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ZArchiver Pro APK is a powerful application that brings various options to easily manage files and media on your device storage. In addition to that, ZArchiver Apk lets you create your archive files comfortably with many formats available. You can decompress your device files with any archive type selected and make the best out of the available content.

Here in this article, we have come with all the information about this powerful ZArchiver Pro app in detail.

What is ZArchiver Pro APK?

When you Download compressed files such as ZIP, RAR, or other formats, you need to unzip them to view their contents. Unfortunately, Android devices are often unable to perform these tasks completely. You can make sure of it when extracting files in a less common format such as 7zip or bzip2. In most cases, the device will either return “not supported” or an error message. As the solution for this problem, you need a solution like ZArchiver Pro APK.

ZArchiver is the best Android app that supports compression and extracts of files. The ZArchiver Pro APK brings added new features that the free version does not have. You can support the developer while installing this app by paying $ 1.6 through Google Play. But if you don’t like to pay for it, you can download the APK Mod version from this official website completely for free!

Features of ZArchiver Pro APK

  • Easily Create your Archive Files
  • To start working with this app, Android device users can start making changes to the files and folders easily on their devices by creating their achievable files. You can select all the common file formats such as zip, rar, tar, 7zip, lz4, and many more, which will let you work with this app comfortably. You can also make certain changes at the same time to your files by adding and removing files from the archives, and that will make it very comfortable to work with.

  • Decompress Files at the Fastest Speed
  • For those who are interested, now you can easily decompress any type of file. You will find it easier to work on achievable files on this ZArchiver Pro APK thanks to its multiple supported file formats when compared with others. You can freely extract any chosen files and select your preferred locations. It will allow you easy extract operations that will let you extract splitted files in one process. You can also try to decompress some parts of the audio files at the same time, which is very useful in certain cases.

  • View Your Archive Files Easily
  • Users are allowed to view the archive content in any selected files to make the ZArchiver Pro APK more interesting. You can also easily work with both common and uncommon formats of the files, as you try to view the inside of the content prior to opening the achievable files.

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  • A Simple File Manager for Android Devices
  • Android users who have installed the ZArchiver Pro APK can use this mobile application to take care of their files and folders, which makes it free to manage your storage files. You can freely open your storage, choose the targeted ites, and try to perform many managing operations as you need.

  • Open and Edit Your Files in the Archive
  • You can try opening your archives without using the decompress operation in this ZArchiver Pro APK. It comes in handy if you like to perform easy editing tasks inside your files in the absence of having to extract it. The app can even view and open the archives from mail apps at the same time, making it very accessible and suited.

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  • Secure Your Files by Creating a Password
  • You can now use password options in ZArchiver Pro APK to protect your files. It allows you to prevent others from accessing and opening your files by using a secured password on any chosen archives. You can also set a password for your complete storage so that the data will be kept safe.

  • Better Processing Speed with Optimized Hardware Support
  • You can optimize the compressing and extracting speed by using the multi-core devices with their powerful processors in this ZArchiver Pro APK. This awesome smart application will completely utilize the available cores on your processors to reduce the processing time effectively of any operations in this app. And that makes it a lot more comfortable for users to enjoy the features in ZArchiver Pro APK.

  • Easily Work with Files and Folders
  • To make sure that users can enjoy ZArchiver Pro APK easily, the handy UTF-8/UTF-16 will support reachable filenames for users to work with. You can freely tap on each folder and file icon to choose the items for more editing. You can long tap on any item to unlock several options that you get on your files and folders.

  • Interesting Themes
  • All Android users can try many eye-catching light and dark themes on ZArchiver Pro APK. All users can freely try out these themes one by one, which will help you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Free and Unlocked Version of ZArchiver Pro APK

For those who like this magnificent mobile application, the ZArchiver Pro APK comes with a free and unlocked version, which will give many interesting features. All you have to do is just Download the ZArchiver Mod APK by tapping on the Download link in this very website and follow the given instructions on the screen to install it, so that it will be good to go. After installing this free version of the ZArchiver Apk Modded version, you can enjoy the ad-free experiences and start using all its exciting features that the original app does not have.

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